There is so much more to get out of “nothing”
MoMa Bern

We have to build a wall, 42x21cm
Connected, 95x70cm
Clouds over rain, 120x80cm
The gap, 100x70cm
Processing reality, 100x70cm
Nadis, 75x50cm
Deserteur, 70x100cm
Landscape related topic, 100x80cm
Global perspective II, 150x100cm
Pink void, 100x100cm
Plein air, 80x120cm
Suggestion, 120x80cm
Viens ma biche, 100x120cm
VIP plus, 100x120cm
Close to nature, 200x150cm
Stormy weather, 115x85cm
O les roses!, 140x100cm
Dripping, 80x100cm