Where people with nothing are looking for something
Galerie Soon, Bern

Insight, 70x100cm
Wellen im Pool, 116x73cm
Empty, 89x115cm
Expectations, 80x100cm
Brainforest, 80x120cm
Painted selfie, 80x60cm
How to spend it, 80x100cm
Tableforest, 70x100cm
Drifting boat, 80x100cm
Paradise is a condition not a place, 80x100cm
Fixing the solution, 100x80cm
Minimal reception, 140x100cm
Listen, 150x100cm
Winter in the city, 80x100cm
Comp, 29.7x42cm
Crumbling heaven, 100x120cm
Close to nature, 160x100cm
Au jardin, 29.7x42cm
And now a complete stranger, 140x100cm

I feel good, 29.7x42cm